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2011-02-22 15:56:56 by Flawlessempire

So Dylan Yach has moved back into the music scene with a new style and a new partner!

He will be making Dubstep and a bunch of other music genres with his partner in crime, Connor Graves!

You can check out their new profile and keep an eye out for music over at:


2010-02-20 05:35:08 by Flawlessempire

Aye all, just wanted to let you know, Flawless Empire will not be existing anymore. Unfortunately we have split and are going to pursue our music in different directions.

With this, Dylan Yach will be making another account for his material. He will be using his old DJ/stage name, fLawLe55.

Dj- fLawLe55's profile

As for marquez...well he's going to continue with his band. Newgrounds may not be in his future.

With this we are glad to say thank you for the comments and support for the 2 years we were together.

Hopefully more are to come with our new music.

Thank you fans,
Flawless Empire
2008-2010 ya mother!

2009-08-01 12:18:17 by Flawlessempire

Aye, managed to get a recording from a few weeks ago up. Managed to get some help from a local drummer who's a good bud of mine. Also thought I'd put up a street fighter cover I did a LONG time ago. I did Blanka due to a friend of mine always wanting to cover Chun Li's theme. So I thought "eh, what the hell."

Hope you enjoy, leave it the love it deserves! /260555 /260561

PS- enjoy my clan's logo :P ya mother!


2009-07-29 03:35:28 by Flawlessempire

Yet another cover posted!!!

Check it out!

Donkey Kong Aquatic Ambience level theme. Please rate, review, and comment. I'll be taking requests like always!

Help a brother out! /259684


Back and With a new song!

2009-07-27 04:09:18 by Flawlessempire

Finally got a few songs recorded, so I'm gonna throw them up as the days go by and wait for people to start sending me some requests and work on some of my original work!

Take a look please and leave it some love: /259083 /259225

Also, if you could please try to help Megaman 2 recorver from the Spammers, I'd greatly appreciate it: /171433

thanks again!

Back and With a new song!


2009-07-10 19:40:55 by Flawlessempire

I'm back, again!

Long story short, graduated, finally in the real world. Got myself a very nice job. Living the life. Bought a new guitar, so I'll be definitely uploading some songs and such.

I'm starting up another group, but probably wont go "all out" with it like I did before but, If anything it will give me a chance to write music.

Besides that I managed to get my damn laptop to record music again so expect songs soon!


(ps- Picture of my new Guitar included. It's a Schecter Synyster Custom)



2009-03-03 22:01:58 by Flawlessempire

Ok finally got the new song up!
Please listen, rate, and comment, I need and love the comments ^_^ /217941

Also I finally got accepted to Southern Utah University for my Bachelors in Theater Arts that way I can be a Designer for theaters, hopefully my main designing jobs will be Sound, but wouldn't mind working anything involving theater! So I'm going to be banging out a shitload of songs in the next couple of months in hopes of getting my portfolio Pumped!

And for some reason I'm getting a SHITLOAD of bad rating on my Megaman song so if everyone could help vote everyday to stop the madness as I had a very high number on the top video game songs. Show support and I will love you more then I already do ^_^

Also got a gig coming up. Going to be playing and being a DJ at the Car show at the Pent House Club in Las Vegas March 21st so all Vegas people, please come support! :P

So please make some requests and I will see what I can do. Until then, enjoy and keep an eye out!


New Song!

2009-02-15 10:56:59 by Flawlessempire

Yes I have Finally gotten another song out!
Sadly enough this one is without my duo...But on a lighter note, I'm going to try to produce a lot more solo work as of now. I need the portfolio and some more practice, especially with Synthesizers.

Take a listen here: /213119

Comments and Criticism always appreciated.

Expect a lot soon and also keep an eye out for some covers and remixes.

Picture is what you get when you don't have enough room in your own house for a "recording Location".

New Song!

So its been awhile since we've had a chance to sit down. We've both been working on our current shows and hadn't had time to even sleep! SO as of now, we're at a stall and it seems like Empire (who is named Dylan) has taken a leave from the Duo of Flawless (Also named Dylan) is currently in the process of working another guitarist in who is ALSO named Dylan...GO FIGURE! :P

So with this new Guitarist expect new music, hopefully a tab bit of a new defining style, but still the same stuff you all loved us for in the beginning!

On another note, alot of requests had been put in and we are terribly sorry for not getting a chance to even think about them. We are going to probably put those on side notes so we can get to work on more origional pieces so we can bang a show out or two here in Las Vegas, our Hometown. So expect some stuff, but not alot of requests at the moment.

Anyways, appreciate all the support...wait speaking of support wtf is going on with the mass drop in ranking?! We've been getting "0 scored" in the people hate us or are people just cheating the Ranking Ladder?! TELL US PLEASE!!!

Anywho, thanks and Expect alot!

-Flawless (aka, Dylan)

Holy fiddle sitcks batman!

2008-11-11 13:43:55 by Flawlessempire

We...we are # 1 on the Video game genre Rank list....WOW!!! We're amazed! We heart all of our fans!


that heart took time so enjoy it!

Anyways, we're working on 2 projects at the moment. A megaman mix for the hell of it, and a request sent in for a Bass Theme. We're diggin it. Send in some requests and if you'd like us to remix or write anything for you let us know, we have no lives! Besides our Girlfriends understand we're nerds :P