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How bad ass can you get?

2008-10-18 15:18:57 by Flawlessempire

by: GS-Screamer
date: October 14, 2008

"That was very enjoyable to listen to. The sound quality was good, the arranging was solid, while remaing quite close to the source material, and the solo around 1:40 was great.

And of course, mad props for keeping it hardcore.



How the hell we earned this much respect, we'll never know!

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2008-09-10 09:22:16 by Flawlessempire

We are the Sound Techs for the Arbor View Theatre!!!!! WOOOO!!!
we have always talked about actually making a band and this is our first attempt, YAY!!! we are two kids from Las Vegas Nevada!!!
it sucks here. and we love music!!!

Flawless: Guitar, Programing, Synth

Empire: Bass, Synth, Programing

Check out our Myspace:

So let us know what you think. Our genre's are mostly Techno and Some Heavy rock.