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Holy fiddle sitcks batman!

2008-11-11 13:43:55 by Flawlessempire

We...we are # 1 on the Video game genre Rank list....WOW!!! We're amazed! We heart all of our fans!


that heart took time so enjoy it!

Anyways, we're working on 2 projects at the moment. A megaman mix for the hell of it, and a request sent in for a Bass Theme. We're diggin it. Send in some requests and if you'd like us to remix or write anything for you let us know, we have no lives! Besides our Girlfriends understand we're nerds :P


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2008-12-01 14:09:13

Yo dude I heard your song and I gotta say it was awsome. And I have a song request, can you make the final boss theme from Megaman Battle Network 5?

Flawlessempire responds:

I was actually considering digging that out of my gameboy/DS box and playing that again, I'll definitely take a look at what I can do.


2008-12-06 22:37:47

K thanks man can't wait 2 hear it.


2008-12-07 11:07:24

Hey man, can you remix the boss battle song from Sonic 2? That song is epic and I'm sure that if you can do a skull castle remix that good, I am pretty sure you would be able to make the best metal remix of the sonic 2 boss theme ever made on newgrounds :)

Flawlessempire responds:

Possibly, that seems easier to find :P

I'm actually trying to play The other games requested and listen to the music on the gameboy/DS/system itself :P

So That I could probably do real fast seeing how I beat sonic 2 hella fast.


2008-12-09 23:52:48

???? sorry just got lost I have'nt been on much lateley. :*