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Aye guys, wew....long time

2009-01-17 09:40:45 by Flawlessempire

So its been awhile since we've had a chance to sit down. We've both been working on our current shows and hadn't had time to even sleep! SO as of now, we're at a stall and it seems like Empire (who is named Dylan) has taken a leave from the Duo of Flawless (Also named Dylan) is currently in the process of working another guitarist in who is ALSO named Dylan...GO FIGURE! :P

So with this new Guitarist expect new music, hopefully a tab bit of a new defining style, but still the same stuff you all loved us for in the beginning!

On another note, alot of requests had been put in and we are terribly sorry for not getting a chance to even think about them. We are going to probably put those on side notes so we can get to work on more origional pieces so we can bang a show out or two here in Las Vegas, our Hometown. So expect some stuff, but not alot of requests at the moment.

Anyways, appreciate all the support...wait speaking of support wtf is going on with the mass drop in ranking?! We've been getting "0 scored" in the people hate us or are people just cheating the Ranking Ladder?! TELL US PLEASE!!!

Anywho, thanks and Expect alot!

-Flawless (aka, Dylan)


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2009-01-26 16:27:07

Hey I asked if you can do Nebula Greys theme from Megaman Battle Network 5. Just reminding you if you can make a badass remix of that.

Flawlessempire responds:

Yea man, I'm actually going to download and see if I can still tab from listening still. I might have lost my abilities over the years T_T


thank you for keeping up with us!