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2009-03-03 22:01:58 by Flawlessempire

Ok finally got the new song up!
Please listen, rate, and comment, I need and love the comments ^_^ /217941

Also I finally got accepted to Southern Utah University for my Bachelors in Theater Arts that way I can be a Designer for theaters, hopefully my main designing jobs will be Sound, but wouldn't mind working anything involving theater! So I'm going to be banging out a shitload of songs in the next couple of months in hopes of getting my portfolio Pumped!

And for some reason I'm getting a SHITLOAD of bad rating on my Megaman song so if everyone could help vote everyday to stop the madness as I had a very high number on the top video game songs. Show support and I will love you more then I already do ^_^

Also got a gig coming up. Going to be playing and being a DJ at the Car show at the Pent House Club in Las Vegas March 21st so all Vegas people, please come support! :P

So please make some requests and I will see what I can do. Until then, enjoy and keep an eye out!



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