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2009-08-01 12:18:17 by Flawlessempire

Aye, managed to get a recording from a few weeks ago up. Managed to get some help from a local drummer who's a good bud of mine. Also thought I'd put up a street fighter cover I did a LONG time ago. I did Blanka due to a friend of mine always wanting to cover Chun Li's theme. So I thought "eh, what the hell."

Hope you enjoy, leave it the love it deserves! /260555 /260561

PS- enjoy my clan's logo :P ya mother!


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2009-08-01 13:13:04


Flawlessempire responds:

Thanks bro! Glad you enjoy it!

Feel free to make a request!

Expect a big Collab coming up as well!


2009-12-24 01:32:50

you're music is getting a lot less credit than it deserves! I've listened to your tracks and they all sound really good! If only there were a faster way to do that eh?

PS: if I may request, I'd say His World(instrumental) if you've ever heard the song. I'm sure you could do a good remix of it! Meh, up to you :)

Keep up the awesome work

Flawlessempire responds:

Maybe, I've been thinking of switching over to a new account on Newgrounds. I've found out that I have a good list of people who hate me on this site under this name, who happen to be around 13yrs old, so maturity is out the door. I'll gladly repost to you with my new account info soon. I'll be recording some of my bands stuff soon.

(ps- I'm actually taking a look at that song. I've loved that song and always wanted to do something with it. Maybe I'll be inclined to now!